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Who is the UQ Pride Alliance?

The UQ Pride Alliance is your connection to queer PALs at UQ!

We are a student club that runs events, campaigns, addresses discrimination, and keeps you up to date with LGBTIQA issues on campus, in Brisbane, in Australia and around the world.

Our club aims are:

  1. To provide a social group for LGBTIQA UQ students and allies;
  2. To promote inclusive attitudes and to educate the wider community on queer issues; and
  3. To engage in, and improve support for, queer students through advocacy, community liaison, and activism.

We will achieve these aims through social events, fundraisers, awareness campaigns, providing educational materials, liaising and cooperating with other queer and health organisations, and ensuring the involvement and representation of the needs of all queer groups through diversity in leadership.

Our executive team includes representatives from the full rainbow spectrum including lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, queer and asexual.